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Meet the Satius Team

Our people are the one thing we have access to that no one else does, they help make us unique and we recognize that without them we would not be where we are today. 

Our People

Daniel Turley

Satius Division Manager

Matt Turley

Group CFO


Paige Buysman

Finance Coordinator

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Having started from humble beginnings, the incredible commitment of our people has brought us to where we are now.


In every product and service, we provide teamwork always plays a part. Together we achieve so much more than any one of us could


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Crystal Turley

People & Culture

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James Bolland

Group Purchasing

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Christine Power

Accounts Assistant

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Morgan Turley

Ultibend General Manager

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Tom Ford

ES3 General Manager

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Joel McLean

UPG General Manager

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World Class Leadership

We are committed to world class leadership and we grow and win with our team of high performers. 

Our Mission

We recognise our people as one of the three pillars of our business, and seek to respect, elevate, and empower all members of our team.

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Tim Rosenbrook

Marketing Advisor

Graeme Turley


Linc Turley


Satius Group

We do it better