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Welcome to Satius

Satius Group is located in Wellington, New Zealand and provides administration and marketing support to three Wellington-based companies.

We do it better


About Satius

 About Satius 

Satius Group began life in 1992 as "Ultibend", a small family business,

and has grown to encompass three companies and more than

50 team members with offices in Wellington and Los Angeles.


Our vision

We aspire to be unrivalled in every area of business,

through continuous innovation and improvement.

Our mission


To be ever-flourishing, profitable, and highly-regarded by:​

  • Respecting, elevating, and empowering all the members of our team

  • Listening to our customers and giving them rapid, intelligent, and comprehensive solutions

  • Supporting our business partners’ sustainability, development, and prosperity


With these goals at our centre, we are proud to say to our partners, customers,

and competitors that “we do it better”.


What We Do

 What We Do 

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Satius Group manages the administration, operational and marketing support for their three companies

Precision Laser Cutting


ES3 specialises in providing 2D and 3D laser profile cutting.  Using their expertise and knowledge of the industry in tubular, structural and 3D profiles.


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Stainless Steel Fittings


Ultibend is dedicated to producing and distributing stainless steel fittings of the very best quality in the world.


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Specialist Pipe Systems


UPG Pipe Systems are specialists in supplying fluid and gas transfer pipe systems.  Importing, manufacturing and supplying a wide range of piping systems across NZ, Australia and The Pacific.


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15 Raiha Street, Porirua

Wellington, New Zealand

Tel:  +64-4-237-4060

Fax: +64-4-237-4066

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